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Champagne, Dessert Reception & Bridal Suite
​Hosted by The Holiday Inn Carlsbad

During the bridal show, visit the  expertly designed Executive Lounge and Bridal Suite (on the 3rd floor).  Sip champagne and enjoy delicious bites while talking to The Holiday Inn Carlsbad's wedding experts. 

  • Champagne and Dessert Reception
  • Bridal Suite Tour
  • Custom decorated Executive Lounge
  • Dedicated wedding specialists on hand to give a private tour
  • Exclusive decor and reception designs by the creative team of The Holiday Inn
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<![CDATA[Charity dress drive¬†‚Äčto support local teens]]>Wed, 23 Aug 2017 18:57:06 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/blog/charity-dress-drive-to-support-local-teensPicture
Please join Cinderella's Attic and The San Diego Bridal Show to help make the dreams of local teens a reality. 
Cinderella’s Attic is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides high school girls with free formal wear for their prom and other special formal events.

How You Can Help
Bring a gently used prom dress or bridesmaid dress to donate directly to Cinderella's Attic at the Sept 30th Bridal Show.  Dress needs to be newer (2010-2017) and free of tears, stains or rips.  DONATIONS ACCEPTED

When:  Saturday, September 30th, 2017
Where:  The Holiday Inn Carlsbad | ​2725 Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92009
Times: 10am - 2pm

​Special Offer:  2 Free general admission tickets per donated dress + frist 100 brides or grooms at the door will receive a free swag bag.

<![CDATA[Celebrating 40 Shows]]>Thu, 10 Aug 2017 17:59:01 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/blog/celebrating-40-showsPicture
We are celebrating our 40th bridal show!  Join us on Sept 30th at the Holiday Inn Carlsbad (10a-2p) and spend the day planning your dream wedding.  We will be giving away 40 show tickets prior to the show and surprise gifts at the show.  This is an event not to miss!

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<![CDATA[July Prize Winners]]>Thu, 03 Aug 2017 22:58:58 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/blog/july-prize-winnersAnd the winners are.... Picture
Congratulations to all the July winners!   Even if you did not win in July, be sure to enter in August for more prizes!

How to redeem:  
Contact Carrie Rowley at 
and include your current mailing address and phone number..  Once confirmation is sent to you, it can take 21 days to receive the prize.  Redemption information and terms/conditions will be listed with the prize.
  • Amber Lea - 4 pk of Bridal Show Tickets*
  • ​Brittany Every -  4 pk of Bridal Show Tickets*
  • Diana Chanthavong - 2 pk of Bridal Show Tickets*
  • Eden De Ruse1 spa/beauty certificate
  • Jennifer Choi - Engagement Photo Session
    $350 value - 1 winner.  Enjoy a 1 hour engagement session with 50 digital images. Courtesy of Katherine Rose Photography
  • Lily CoddintonFree Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial
    $200 value - 1 winner.  Be pampered by the beauty experts at Vanity Belle
  •  Natalie Thompson - 2 pk of Bridal Show Tickets*

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<![CDATA[What's your bridal look?]]>Thu, 03 Aug 2017 22:48:00 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/blog/whats-your-bridal-lookArticle courtesy of Margrette Lamkin with Mary Kay, Inc.  Instagram  @marykaybrides

What's your bridal look?  Take the quiz

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<![CDATA[Don't miss discounted tickets]]>Tue, 25 Jul 2017 17:18:32 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/blog/dont-miss-discounted-tickets
We are celebrating our 40th bridal show with exclusive ticket offers!  
Hurry.....VIP Experience Tickets are selling out

Advanced Purchase:

  • VIP Experience - $35 for 2 tickets  (or $35 pp at door) - valid for adults 18+
  • General Admission 2-for-1/$15 for 2  (or $15pp at door)
  • Military/Veterans - 2 free General Admission tickets with registration
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<![CDATA[Gown Shopping Tips]]>Tue, 25 Jul 2017 16:35:04 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/blog/gown-shopping-tipsCourtesy of San Diego Style Weddings.  By: TLC's Say Yes to the Dress - Randy Knows Best.  Photo courtesy of Rugger Productions and The San Diego Bridal Show.

Gown Shopping Tips

1. Know Your Budget
You should know your financial limits before you go to a salon. Inflating your budget and putting everyone on the spot will just leave you empty-handed. 

2. It’s OK to love the first dress
This happens a lot! Trust yourself, if the first gown you try is truly the ONE, then everyone else will fall in love with it too. 

3. Know Your Silhouette
Trying on the wrong silhouette can cause any bride to be discouraged. A dress in a magazine looks different on a model, so go with what is figure-flattering on you. 

4. Be Open to Alterations
It’s important to remember that dresses can be altered. Try to envision the dress on your wedding day when it’s fitted to your body and style. 

5. Be Open to Different Styles
Keep your options and your mind open and you may just surprise yourself. 

6. Keep Location in Mind
A ball gown is way too heavy for the beach and a lightweight sheath is light for an elegant affair. Your gown should match your location and wedding style. 

7. Say YES and Stop Shopping
Everyone wants confirmation that they’ve made the right choice, but continuing to shop and ask others’ opinions will only lead to second-guessing your choice. 

8. Trust Your Instincts
It can be hard when your friends don’t love the same gown you do, but you must trust that you know what you want and what you love. 

9. Leave Room in The Budget For Extras
Bling isn’t cheap! Anytime you accessorize, customize your look or need alterations, the cost goes way up. So, leave some room in the budget for finishing touches 

10. Share Your Vision
It’s important to speak with your friends before you come to the salon so they understand what you’re looking for. If they aren’t on the same page, they can send you down the wrong path. 
<![CDATA[Announcing the Winners of the June Prize Giveaway]]>Tue, 04 Jul 2017 03:16:24 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/blog/announcing-the-winners-of-the-june-prize-giveawayPicture
Thank you everyone for entering our monthly prize drawing!  Even if you did not win in June, be sure to enter in July for more prizes!
  • Shayla Dalton - spa/beauty certificate
  • Julia James - 2 movie tickets

How to redeem:  
Contact Carrie Rowley at carrie@thesandiegobridalshow.com include your current mailing address and phone number..  Once confirmation is sent to you, it can take 21 days to receive the prize.  Redemption information and terms/conditions will be listed with the prize.

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<![CDATA[Using Technology to Plan Your Big Day]]>Wed, 28 Jun 2017 02:52:29 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/blog/using-technology-to-plan-your-big-dayArticle courtesy of San Diego Style Weddings, written by Kristen Castillo  Picture
You’re connected to the world through technology. Phones, email and the internet provide so much content in our lives. Need a recipe? Look it up online. Want to connect with an old friend? Send her an email. Need to ask a colleague a question? Pick up the phone.

Why should wedding planning be any different from your regular life? Use technology to your advantage and make the most of email, internet research, and phone conversations. Use these tools effectively and you’ll save yourself time, money and worry. 

Be honest; face-to-face wedding planning isn’t always convenient or an efficient use of your time. This is why a phone call or the internet can be so helpful. You can get informed and comparison-shop on your time. 

Think about how an email could get you a quick answer to an easy question like, “How many people can you accommodate in your private dining room?” Imagine surfing the net in your pajamas on a weekend to learn about wedding photography. Picture yourself on your cell phone during your lunch hour discussing which flowers will be in bloom for your wedding. 

Use the web to plan your party. Look at samples of wedding packages like dinner menus, music choices and cake flavors. Review a variety of vendors and compile a list of questions you have. Then pick up the phone and conduct an informal interview with the vendor. Or send off an email asking for more info or to schedule a time to chat over your options on the phone.

One benefit of all these tools is that you don’t have to travel to interview vendors. You can pre-screen them from the comfort of your own home. 

The phone is still one of the best research tools because it allows you to interact with the person on the other end. Some of the benefits include hearing the tone of the person’s voice and being able to ask questions and get immediate answers. This is a luxury in today’s fast paced society.

Use the phone interview as a chance to get to know the vendor. You can find out a lot about a vendor based on a quick call. Does she have time to answer your questions or is she too busy to talk? If she’s swamped with work, schedule a better time to chat.

Vendors really do want to talk with brides on a personal level. They don’t mind answering questions, especially if it helps to quickly clear up a confusing point.

“It’s our job to educate brides about what they’re getting,” says Melanie Harm, wedding event coordinator for Festivities Catering.

Harm welcomes the opportunity to speak to brides and grooms over the phone. She recommends striking up a conversation with vendors to get a feel for the people who could help you prepare your big day. 

Harm doesn’t recommend email because she says it can be a bit impersonal and that’s not something couples want when selecting vendors. The personal connection is key.

Still many vendors like communicating with brides via email and the internet.

Wedding consultant Christie Gowdy says 60% of her clientele come to her via the internet.

According to Cathy Lynn, author of “Laptop Bride” (available at Amazon.com, Borders.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and also Booksamillion.com), the internet is easy to navigate and a great place to get wedding ideas.

“The internet gives you the option to think romance, personalize your wedding, fulfill your heart’s desire and find great ideas, prices and items you want; sometimes even items you never knew existed,” says Lynn. “Best of all, you can shop anytime of day, in any type of weather, in any kind of dress, with someone or on your own. Secondly, you don’t have to purchase everything on the internet. You can just check it out and if you see a few things, get them. Let’s face it; shopping on-line is the ultimate in convenience and the wave of the future.”

Lynn recommends brides take detailed notes when researching and she stresses the importance of developing good communication with vendors. And remember to keep your notes and a calendar handy at all times.

Whether you check in with a vendor over the phone lines or via the web, don’t let your first question be the obvious question — price. Vendors say it’s a shame that money is always the first concern of brides and grooms. 

Sandra Ortmeier of Edelweiss Bakery says most vendor prices are competitive. Besides, a bride and groom’s initial assessment shouldn’t be based on price alone. Sometimes when researching wedding vendors, a phone call or an email isn’t enough to make a decision. For example, when selecting a cake, your taste buds ought to make the final decision. 

“You’ve got to taste it,” says Ortmeier. “When it’s something that involves quality, you’ve got to sample it first.” 

Quality is important and so is a personality match. Brides and grooms really need get along well with the vendor. A great price doesn’t trump a personality clash or a difference in style. 

She also advises brides to set up a separate email account to handle wedding business. Free email accounts from sites like Yahoo or Hotmail are very practical and easy to navigate. The benefits of establishing a new account? All your wedding related emails are organized together and not mixed with work or personal emails. And you can access the free email from any computer at work, home, or on the road. You can close the account after the wedding and not worry about spam or clutter in your inbox.

Remember it’s your wedding day and the vendors are there to help you. Listen to what they have to say, ask questions, and make sure you get the attention and service you deserve.

Above all, know that wedding planning help is just a phone call, an email, or a website away. 
<![CDATA[List of 4th of July Fireworks]]>Wed, 28 Jun 2017 02:34:32 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/blog/list-of-4th-of-july-fireworksSan Diego & North County Fireworks
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