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Saturday, April 21st, 2018
​Holiday Inn Carlsbad
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<![CDATA[The Cinderella Effect]]>Wed, 25 Oct 2017 21:51:48 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/vendor-blog/the-cinderella-effectArticle courtesy of Rick Brewer with GetMoreBrides.com

The Cinderella Effect

There is such a huge importance to what you do that we many times lose focus on. I want to reemphasize this with you today as it is truly something that we need to keep in mind at all times when helping to serve and dealing with our Brides.
I often speak of the four psychological triggers when marketing and selling to Brides. These psychological triggers are what will catch the attention of the Brides and assist in getting these Brides to move forward in their buying process. These triggers are not seen as a manipulation tool, as Brides will move only so far before they actually get to the decision point where they will actually buy or not. At that point, there is no manipulation, but simply they either trust in you that you will do what they want and further that you understand the true importance of their day to them and their guests or they have not found that trust yet.

Here are the four triggers: They want to Impress (pretty much everyone there), They want to Enjoy (themselves and their guests to be entertained), They want to Win (that underlying competition with their sisters, friends, neighbors and society) and They want to be Cinderella. It is the last trigger that can many times be the most important and crucial in our businesses.

Think about the girl who wasn’t the homecoming queen, never had a chance to go to prom, has only had a few boyfriends perhaps and this is her one true romance. Maybe she has low self esteem or is perhaps a wall flower. She hasn’t really ever had professional photos of herself done before, nor has she been pampered with the full treatment of hair make up and all the accoutrements of beauty. Maybe she is not financially well off, and this one day is a true struggle for them money wise. This girl has never had the spotlight on her before and probably will never again. This is the one and only chance to be the star of her show.

I want you to further think about the people behind this beautiful bride. Think about The Daddy who is so proud of her. The Mom who has seen her true potential, but could never convince her of how truly special she was. Think about all of her friends and guests who love and adore her because of the giving and kind heart that she has had with others. Perhaps she is the one who has always served and cared for others and this is the one day that it now becomes her turn to be loved on and cared for. This Bride is truly a prize girl and deserves the day that you can provide.

These Brides may come along more than we realize, but thinking about it, doesn’t every Bride in her own eyes feel like this is the one day that is the special day of her life. Every Bride deserves to be Cinderella and Almost Every Bride is expecting this. This is where our expertise comes in.

There are so many wedding professionals who simply are looking at this Bride as a Paycheck. Judge Judy and The Peoples Court have regularly scheduled episodes willed with Brides who have come across these type of vendors who simply did not deliver on what was expected.

Beyond the idea of being a hobby, when we look at the purpose of what we do, helping these girls enjoy their one day is important, but even more important; it is protecting her from the bad vendors who will over promise and under deliver. These vendors may beat you on price, but in the end, the price won’t matter if she ends up disappointed.

Putting passion and service behind your business is one method to helping your business thrive. These Brides who need an attentive professional are truly seeking you, go out and find them .
<![CDATA[2016 San Diego Wedding Market Report]]>Tue, 15 Aug 2017 18:37:08 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/vendor-blog/2016-san-diego-wedding-market-report2016 San Diego Wedding Market Report via The Wedding Report
In 2016, San Diego Weddings:
  • 24,115 Weddings
  • $36,161 Average Spent
  • $872,022,515 Total Sales
Below is the average spent PER WEDDING in 2016 on each category
Attire & Accessories
  • Dress Accessories $275
  • Tuxedo/suit/other Accessories $126
  • Tuxedo/suit/other Rent/purchase $255 
  • Wedding Dress/es  $1,499
Beauty & Spa
  • Hair Service $85
  • Makeup Service $68
  • Manicure & Pedicure $57
  • DJ/MC $873
  • Entertainmentlighting $407
  • Live Band $2,013
  • Musician/s, Soloist, or Ensemble $734
Flowers & Decorations
  • Bouquets $405
  • Boutonnieres, Corsage $175
  • Event Decoration $531 
  • Event Flowers & Arrangement $737
  • Event Table Centerpiece $388
Gifts & Favors
  • Gift/s for Attendant $126
  • Gift/s for Parent $148
  • Tips (for all services) $466
  • Wedding Favors $290
  • Ceremony Programs$146
  • Engagement Announcements $124
  • Guest Book $70
  • Invitations & Reply Cards $259
  • Postage22,909$120$2,749,110
  • Reception Menus $143
  • Save the Date Cards $129
  • Table Name and Escort/place Cards $98
  • Thank You Cards $103
  • Bracelet $226
  • Earrings $193
  • Engagement Ring $4,114
  • Necklace $258
  • Wedding ring/band for HER $945
  • Wedding ring/band for HIM $551
Photography & Video
  • Digital or Photo cd/dvd $354
  • Engagement Session $480
  • Photo Booth $465
  • Prints and/or Enlargements $287
  • Wedding album/s or photo book $507
  • Wedding Photographer $1,941
  • Wedding Videographer $1,292
  • A La Carte Services $1,209
  • Day of Coordinator $1,041
  • For Getting Started $1,122
  • Full Service $3,556
  • Month of Direction $1,362
Venue, Catering & Rentals
  • Ceremony Officiator $254
  • Event Accessories $388
  • Event Bar Service $2,824
  • Event Food Service $5,550
  • Event Location $4,287
  • Event Rentals $2,063
  • Hotel Room for After Reception $374
  • Limo Rental $574
  • Other Transportation $615
  • Rehearsal Dinner $679
  • Wedding Cake/dessert $498
<![CDATA[Raising prices without any concerns from your clients]]>Tue, 25 Jul 2017 18:43:14 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/vendor-blog/raising-prices-without-any-concerns-from-your-clientsArticle courtesy of Rick Brewer with GetMoreBrides.com
No matter what business you are in, you will always have a competitor who charges less. Further there will always be people who come into the industry as newbies and charge lower prices. Candidly, they should charge less. Many times I see some who will buy into that premise and subject themselves to matching or coming close to the pricing of those who they should not be compared to in the first place. Let me talk about avoiding getting caught in that mess of comparison and actually raising your prices where you feel they should be.
You understand that when you first started that you might not have been worth what your top competitor in your area was worth. You didn’t compare to the top people, so charging the same would not have been a smart move. As you improved and found better skills, experience and training, you felt the difference. The problem today is that you may feel compared to the guy that just started and maybe has a nice looking website, but no experience, no training and no skills.
The struggle becomes real when we start to think about raising our prices. We know we are worth it, yet we fear being compared on that singular dynamic to those who do not compare on the many other dynamics that matter. We know we provide absolute value and have seen the improvement of what we deliver and how we deliver from the time we started. Most times the idea of raising our prices will somehow hurt us is only in our head.
Fact:  Most of our clients have never bought what we sell (to the level which we sell it) before.
Fact:  Our clients only have a snapshot of what we and our competition give them regarding       pricing
Fact:  People will buy value if they know what value is. Most of our clients know only the surface level of what we do, not the depth that we understand.
There are several different ways you can raise your pricing where your clients won’t even know let alone have concerns from your clients.
First, let’s assign a value to how much you could gain from raising your prices. If you look to the value of your bookings last year and simply pretend to raise the prices you got by 5%. Write down how much that would represent.
Only you know the value of what you are not charging and it is important that you work for what you are worth. It is important to focus more on how much you are not making rather then fearing the business you might lose (which you haven’t gotten in the first place). It is important to get what you see as your true value. Raising your prices will help you maintain a positive value of what you provide and avoid burnout.
There are many elements which go into raising your prices including the original marketing message which you send out, your competitive situation and much more. To find out more, check out one of the courses I created specifically for raising your pricing without your clients being concerned (I have packaged these together for a deal that you cannot afford to pass up- simply said if you raised your prices for one client, it would more than pay for the 5 courses).  CLICK HERE
<![CDATA[Just one single referral]]>Thu, 15 Jun 2017 05:16:05 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/vendor-blog/just-one-single-referralArticle courtesy of Rick Brewer with GetMoreBrides.com

Just one single referral

Seems like a very simple thing to do, but how much would one single referral that books be worth to you and your business? Imagine if you could build a machine that brought your business referrals on a regular basis. There are in fact many wedding pros who use this as their only/primary marketing source. Let’s talk about the possibilities but first some questions:
  1. Do you know how much the average wedding/event you booked last year spent?
  2. Do you know the average cost to gain a new client?
  3. Do you know the order in which you typically fall in your client’s buying cycle (which products/services do they buy first, last, when do they typically buy you)
  4. How many professionals can refer you in your area?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions (not broad based estimations but more direct answers) than the first thing you need to do is figure them out quickly as these measurements matter greatly. Here is why:
If you first do not know the value of your average client, you will never see the value in getting more of them. Further if you second do not know the cost of obtaining a client you will never see the value of getting them for next to nothing while getting more of them. Going forward if you third do not know what order you fall, you may well understand the value of a client and know how much it costs to get a client but go to the wrong people to get them. Finally, fourth not knowing the pure opportunity of the vast number of wedding professionals who are typically above you in the food chain who could potentially refer you is hurting you.

Getting one single referral is your goal. Whether it is your first single referral  or another single referral, getting that one is your goal as you should see the total value in getting referrals from other wedding professionals. This does not infer that you can just show up and get that one referral. Doing that would be similar to going into a Starbucks and asking the owner to borrow their car. You need to follow the proper steps in getting referred out on a regular basis.

Think about this: the money, time, and effort you spend on marketing is multiplied when you do this right. Imagine all those who refer you do the same or more than you marketing wise. You can give your business marketing a 10 factor (10 times) in marketing. That would be a brilliant move for your business. Sounds simple, correct? While it is possible, you must still do it right. 95% of those who attempt to get referred by other professionals do it wrong, which for the person who learns to do it right is a huge opportunity.

Just like there is a proper way to form any relationship, it is necessary to follow the proper steps to build those relationships. You cannot just show up assuming that they are waiting for you and only you to refer. Quite the opposite. When you show up, most times you will have a wall that you will have to get through or around because they have. Keep this in mind: these good folks have people each and every week trying to do the same thing. Before this discourages you, keep in mind that 95% number. You can be the refreshing different person who actually values them as more than a lead and takes the steps which they have said they want to have accomplished.

​One of my most popular courses which has lead to thousands of referrals being handed out is actually part of a 5 courses for the price of 1 limited offer: CLICK HERE
<![CDATA[Bridal Show Testimonial]]>Tue, 13 Jun 2017 17:08:43 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/vendor-blog/bridal-show-testimonialPicture
Grant Brickner and Accent Weddings & Events has been an exhibitor for over 10 years and has been the MC for the fashion shows over the last 7 years.

"I have been in the wedding business for over 24 years and have participated in many bridal shows. I have been a vendor at the Bridal Shows hosted by San Diego Bridal Show for over 10 years. What sets them apart is Susan and Carrie have years of experience and know how to put together a show that is quality rather than quantity. They do great work in getting brides to the events. Their shows are smaller, more intimate and more affordable than the big "convention center cattle call" style of events. Their shows are more elegant and relaxed. This benefits the vendors, who get to spend more time visiting with the couples to build a rapport, rather than simply being a person who hands out advertising materials.
Their best assets are learning, implementing and improving after every show. Because of these attributes and the success I have had from these shows, I have become a long time advertiser and currently co-produce and MC their fashion shows. I highly recommend their shows especially to vendors who are the outgoing, personable, hands on types." - Grant Brickner

<![CDATA[Vendor Highlight: Accent Weddings & Events]]>Tue, 13 Jun 2017 16:38:54 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/vendor-blog/vendor-highlight-accent-weddings-events
Accent Weddings & Events
Music, Photobooths, Photography, Videography & Uplighting

*Official sponsor and M.C. for The San Diego Bridal Show

Accent Weddings and Events is your affordable provider of wedding photography, videography, lighting, DJ services and photo booth rental. Whatever you need to set the stage for a phenomenal special event, we have you covered. Accent Weddings and Events has gathered the most talented San Diego wedding photographers, videographers, and San Diego DJs. We serve the areas around La Mesa, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Poway, Escondido, El Cajon, Santee, Del Mar, and Encinitas.

Expert photos, high-quality video, timeless music and unforgettable events at an affordable price.
<![CDATA[Sept 30th Fall Bridal Show]]>Tue, 23 May 2017 02:08:40 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/vendor-blog/sept-30th-fall-bridal-showJoin us as we celebrate our 40th bridal show!
Saturday, September 30th from 10am - 2pm
Holiday Inn Carlasbad
Exclusive exhibitor rates start at just $299
Click for Exhibitor Information, Testimonials and Photos
<![CDATA[Wedding Shows - Should Your Or Shouldn't You]]>Tue, 23 May 2017 01:58:19 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/vendor-blog/wedding-shows-should-your-or-shouldnt-youArticle courtesy of Rick Brewer with Get More Brides

Do Bridal/Wedding Shows still work- Absolutely maybe…

I get this question all the time: “Rick- do Bridal shows still work?”. The answer is easy for me- Sometimes…..or maybe….. The variables in why a wedding show will work or not work for a DJ are extreme, but let me share the top 3 reasons why a show may or may not work in hopes that in your preparation for this upcoming wedding season you will either work the show better or help in your decision to participate in the next show in your town.
First- Work the show. If you are not going to work the show- Don’t do it. There are a group of  wedding professionals who will do every show they possibly can because they get the results . Let’s face it; they aren’t going to go stand in a show that doesn’t produce results. Period. How they mostly get results is that they find a system and they work that system. I have seen many people sit in their chairs behind a table which sets a psychological barrier as well as you cannot wait for a client to come to you. You have to  work the show. Period. Consider for a moment where else can you potentially meet with 70-80 prospective clients in a day (I know most shows have hundreds of engaged couples in attendance, but the best you can hope for is to spend 3-4 minutes with 70-80 couples)
Second- Follow  a process. Most couples will not sign a contract on first meeting. If you think about it, many couples will not sign a contract after meeting with you for an hour (you have seen those who meet with you, ask a ton of questions and then say “we need to think about it”). The logical “next step” for these couples would be to get away from the show where they are distracted, overwhelmed and rushed where you can have a focused meeting without all the comotion. If your process is designed to walk away with signed contracts, this may be the main reason why your results have been lacking. If you instead go for the appointment in place of the sale, and you are able to schedule 15 appointments, 10 of them actually show up, how many of those ten can you then get to sign a contract?
Get the full set of courses and videos at a huge discount to help you get ready for the 2017 Wedding Show Season http://www.weddingbusinessmarketing.com/wedding-shows-work/
Third- Follow Up. If we go back to the thought that our prospective clients many times need to be approached many times to get a signed contract (even when they have agreed to book with you, they put it off and put it off for whatever reason), imagine how much we need to follow through after the show to get them to step out of the mode of being overwhelmed and into the mode of buying. When we follow through with the best available tools (not necessarily just sending a blind email to the list you receive, but to truly follow through) we can typically add to our results usually 20% or more. Again, you paid to be in the show, you should do all you can to get the business you are seeking from it.
The job of the show producer is to get the clients there. Your job is to persuade and push them in the process that will get the most of them to purchase. If wedding couples show up to the show, you should be able to book business.
For more information on  a special offer for my course on Bridal Show Success Secrets, click here:
<![CDATA[True Reason why she asks “How much”]]>Wed, 10 May 2017 05:05:33 GMThttp://thesandiegobridalshow.com/vendor-blog/true-reason-why-she-asks-how-muchArticle courtesy of Rick Brewer with Get More Brides
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ​​
Here’s why they ask “How much”
​There are typically three reasons why a Bride will ask you about your pricing and the fun part is it has nothing to do with you. While this question can be a frustrating thing, let me assure you it is A) not personal B) actually a good thing because you have at the very least developed a dialogue with them. This dialogue may be very shallow at this point, but it is something,

Imagine it like this: Pretend that you are single and your dream companion is on the phone with you but asking you about where exactly you would like to take them to dinner. You haven’t gone to dinner yet, but in the immortal words of Lloyd from Dumb an Dumber, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance~!”. No keep in mind that the more people you put through this process and get further in the process, the more bookings you will get
We live in an age of consumerism that we have to work each and every lead as well and as much as is reasonably appropriate (without looking and being spammy). As a consumer, you now have the power where the salesperson used to have all the power and we relied upon them being honorable in what they were selling and doing. That said, a Bride is a different type of consumer.
Click to get "Overcoming 'What's Your Price'"
First reason why she asks for price is she may be bracketing your business or the category within which you sell. In other words, she has no clue how much what you sell should cost, so she is trying to get a range by asking several people. She may be at the very front edge of buying what you sell and trying to set her budget.

Second. She has never bought this before and has no idea which other questions to ask such as experience. Can you think of something you had never bought before (and were buying 10-15 other things that you also had never bought before with no prior experience or training on how to buy it)? Fact is buying for a wedding is not just a draining (emotionally and financially) experience but your prospective brides will go to the thing they know how to measure which is money.

Third. Rarely do you have a wedding that has an unlimited budget and is willing to spend it, so you find prospective clients that are constantly checking the needle to see if it has gone in the wrong direction.

Overcoming these problems is possible, in fact you should enlist the best approach possible so you can get past these challenges which are spoken of as well as hidden from you, the salesperson who they view as someone who will hold them down and steal their credit card.

Asking about price is not the end of the conversation, but can be a perfect ice breaker if you use it correctly.